How to Upload Your OH.MG Page

Posted on 2021-05-07 on OH.MG Member Pages.

OH.MG is happy to share it's bountiful resources with you, well some of you at least.

You'll need to request your account from the SysOp on the BBS, you can write a message by sending a message to Kevin in Conference 0.


OH.MG Member Pages are limited to gemini (.gmi) markdown and are a touch specific about it. All other files will be ignored, for obvious reasons.

You also kind of have to adhear to local laws, mainly those of France and The US (where the company who hosts the machine + object storage are based), oh and don't be fecking stupid and try and post SEO shit links too.

Internet users can sell you out at any time

Let's do this !

Details of how to upload will have already been given to you, make sure your files are readable by the HTML generator job which runs every 15 minutes.

Also note, there is a delay of upto 15 minutes before your content hits the big screen :D

Your Files

You will need to name your index file "index.gmi" and any subpages in this format YYYY-MM-DD-pagename.gmi, subdirectories are cool too, they follow the same rules.

Gemini Cheatsheet

Once the robots have done their things, you can find your shiney new OH.MG page at :




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